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Why, hello there! I suggest that you listen to this song while you read the next sentence. I bought a softbox! That means that I can take pictures even when the lighting is bad. Praise the Lord, amen!

MAC Studio SculpSt NC15
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Natural Collection Blusher "Peach Melba"

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MUA Brow Kit (both o eyebrows and eyelids)
L'oréal Super Liner
MUA Glitter Liner "1 Iced"
MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil "Snow White"
IsaDora Precision Mascara

IsaDora Jelly Kiss "Ballerina"
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Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr

I have quite oily eyelids, they’re not super oily but if I don’t use a primer underneath my eyeshadow it will crease within an hour. I’ve wanted to try MAC’s Paint Pots for a long time but since I wasn’t sure if they would last on me I just can’t justify paying 200 SEK (which is about £18/ $21) for something that might crease within 20 minutes. So, when Maybelline released their Color Tattoo’s I was thrilled! I have two shades; “On And On Bronze” and “Permanent Taupe”. Maybelline claims that they’ll last for 24h but on their own, on my eyelids they last for about six hours. If I use a primer underneath they last longer. Permanent Taupe, which is a matte shade, creases a bit and On And On Bronze just fades. However, when this happens I can just swipe my finger across my eyelids and it looks alright again. They’re also really good as a base for powder eyeshadows and they make every color that you put on top pop! Would I get more? Yes, I have my eyes set on the white one right now and I hope that they’ll bring out more exciting colors!

Left: Permanent Taupe. Right: On And On Bronze.

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Sometimes you’re just flowing with creativity and sometimes you can’t come up with anything new and exciting to try. If you, like me, sometimes feel like you need some inspiration these are my top picks!

YouTube: I’m subscribed to 140 different channels and a lot of them are beauty related. I love watching videos; it gets a bit more personal than a blog. Here are some of my favorite YouTubers: PixiWoo, Lisa Eldridge, Michelle Phan, GlamLifeGuru, LoveMelisaMichelle, NikkieTutorials, Sprinkle of Glitter, Zoella, Dope2111 and EssieButton.

Tumblr: I love browsing Tumblr! Just search for “makeup”, “nails”, “fashion” or whatever floats your boat and you can spend hours just scrolling and reblogging, trust me! Here’s my one.

Blogs: This one’s quite obvious right? So instead of explaining, here are some of my favorite blogs: Frida Skoglund, I covet thee, KillerColours, Let them have polish!, Lindas sminkblogg, Purity, Temptalia and The Beauty Department.

Pinterest: It’s sort of like Tumblr but a bit more organized and mature I’d say. You can make boards and keep all of your favorite images neatly-looking. And well, here you can find me.
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