Inglot Haul

Last Friday I went to Oslo in Norway and it's a beautiful city, the weather was amazing and I had such a great time! In Sweden we unfortunately don't have Inglot but in Norway they do so I had to get a few things while I was there. I got one of their Freedom System Palettes with ten eyeshadows. It was so hard to pick which eyeshadows I wanted but I picked some neutrals and some colourful ones and I'm really, really pleased. I also picked up one of their gel liners and it is freaking amazing! I can't wait until I get the chance to get some more stuff from Inglot!

# 34 AMC Shine, #154 AMC Shine, #406 Pearl, #101 Rainbow Matte, #112 Rainbow Matte

#440 Pear, #445 Pearl, #605 Pearl, #24 AMC Shine, #338 Matte

AMC Eyeliner Gel #77
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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | Review

I'm lazy and I want to get my makeup off as quickly as possible. I've tried removers that made me temporarily blind, stung my eyes, and those that did nothing but make me angry. However, this cleansing water is amazing. It doesn't sting my eyes, it removes my makeup quick and I don't have to rub aggressively. It doesn't leave that tacky residue that L'Oréal's cleansing water did, it's huge and best of all it's under £5! I use another cleanser after this but I like using something to take most of my makeup off before that. I'm really happy with this and I will definitely get another bottle when this one runs out!

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NUXE Prodigieux Le Parfum

A couple of weeks ago I read Viola's review of this perfume and well, I couldn't resist it. It's supposed to smell like the infamous dry oil from NUXE but I've never actually smelt that one so I can't tell you if it does. What I can tell you is that it smells freaking amazing! This is summer in a bottle. It's so soft and so creamy. To me it smells like warm evenings on the French countryside and who doesn't want to smell like that? It's not a heavy scent so I think that it is daytime appropriate but you can absolutely wear it in the evening as well! If you like white floral scents this is definitely one for you! I got mine from Feelunique for £43.

Top notes
Orange Blossom

Base notes
Heart notes
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